HCCF Presents: Tax Efficient Ways of Charitable Giving & Help To Create Social Change – with Kate Lazier

You don’t need to be a wealthy celebrity to take advantage of tax efficient ways of charitable giving and to help create social change. Many Canadians are not aware of the significant tax savings they can realize by making a charitable gift as part of their estate or by other means. 

Wills and other ways of giving are not just a legal means to distribute your personal assets; they are powerful tools for you to help create social change now or as part of your legacy. 

It is not an either/or proposition – you can leave a gift to a charity while still taking care of those you love. 

You are invited to join us on Wednesday June 23, 12:00-12:45pm, via Zoom or telephone, for a FREE information / education session. 

Kate Lazier, Director of Philanthropy & Legacy Planning at CIBC, will share tax efficient ways of giving including appreciated shares, stock options, life insurance, corporate donations and estate donations, that can help you to create social change.

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Poverty remains a powerful factor in whether a student succeeds in school. Education directly influences students’ life chances – and life outcomes. At HCCF, we are creating social change by financially assisting students and their families in need – creating Hope, Dignity and Equity so that students can access learning and education without financial barriers to success.

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Wednesday, June 23


Via Zoom or telephone

FREE information / education session


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