HCCEF Joins Charities and Advisors to Change Charitable Giving

Published September 2, 2020

HCCEF JOINS EFFORT TO INSPIRE CANADIANS TO THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT CHARITABLE GIVING  HCCEF has joined with more than 80 charities, financial advisors and legal services from across the Hamilton-Oakville-Niagara Region to show Canadians the power they have to create positive change through a gift in their Will to charity. Will Power™ is a public education effort aimed at empowering more Canadians to leave a charitable gift in their Will, which could raise as much as $40 billion dollars to advance the causes Canadians care about. Imagine the impact we could all make! We at HCCEF know that Canadians are committed to helping. We see this […]

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IMPACTS + July 2020

Published July 7, 2020

JULY 2020   YOUR IMPACT ON HCDSB STUDENTS & FAMILIES IN FINANCIAL NEED   Thank you for helping HCDSB students and families like this, who are struggling to purchase basic necessities.            Quick Links Our Website Donate Now Contact Us Email Us COVID-19 HAS EMPHASIZED THE NEED IN OUR COMMUNITY     In March to June last year HCCEF helped 53 HCDSB students. This year, due to COVID-19, the need grew to 252 HCDSB students from March to June – a 475% increase. Thank you to our donors for allowing us to continue to say “yes” to helping our neighbours […]

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Published April 14, 2020

WHY DONATE? Families need to eat, and they require other basic necessities like clothing, personal hygiene items and a home to live in. Our faith guides us to help our neighbors in need.  “…whatever you do for the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do for me…” Matthew 25:40 Many HCDSB families are struggling with basic necessities due to the COVID-19 crisis We need your help, to continue to say “Yes” to supporting families with basic necessities……to say “Yes we can help” to our neighbors in need. DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT. One of our generous donors has agreed to […]

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HCCEF is operating offsite during school closures

Published March 13, 2020

In response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Education ordered that all publicly funded schools in Ontario be closed effective March 14, 2020. HCCEF will continue to operate offsite during school closures. A communication went out to all school Principals and Vice-Principals that HCCEF will continue to accept applications for their families in financial need. Families may face challenges to meet their basic needs during this extended break. Financial burdens might include extra childcare costs, uncertain work schedules or potentially not being able to access community food programs that they rely on for their child(ren). HCDSB Staff […]

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IMPACTS+ March 2020 Issue

Published March 3, 2020

MARCH 2020   “YOU JUST HEARD ABOUT GOD, BUT HERE YOU WILL SEE HIM”   “When we first came to Canada, suffering a lot back home, everyone we met here told us that “you just heard about God, but here you will see him”. In the beginning, I felt jealous as a Christian person, with a very strong faith, who used to live, study, work, serve God and also raise kids in very hard situations … so how can all of what I went through was ‘just heard about him’? After a while I realized the meaning of those words when […]

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Published March 2, 2020

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN Wednesday June 10, 2020 Piper’s Heath Golf Club  11:00am – Registration Opens 11:15am – Lunch on the Patio 12:45pm – Golfers to the carts 1:00pm – Shotgun Start 6:30pm – Dinner (depending on the speed of play)   Piper’s Heath is a spectacular course. Golfing and spending the day outside – what a spectacular way to help low-income students in Halton who face financial barriers to learning. 10.5% of children in Halton live in low-income households – an estimated 3600 HCDSB students. Education directly influences students’ life chances – and life outcomes. Every child deserves the opportunity […]

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Where to get help in Halton

Published February 28, 2020

  An excellent resource for Halton Residents to find assistance. Also try: Halton Region’s “311” Halton Community Services Directory St. Vincent de Paul Burlington Milton Oakville     HCCEF General Privacy Statement

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IMPACTS+ December Issue

Published December 4, 2019

DECEMBER 2019   HOPE!  DIGNITY!  EQUITY!   “The financial help we received from the foundation was far more than I could have ever hoped for. Not only were we going to be able to put food on our table for our children, but we were going to be able to provide our children with a wonderful Christmas. My thanks will never be enough to show our gratitude for the gift you provided my children with. Time and time again, I learn how amazing and generous our community truly is. It was because of amazing donors, my children were able to enjoy the company […]

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Evening with Bishop Crosby a Fantastic Success!

Published December 3, 2019

“We all need to know that we are loved, and affirmed, and supported, and encouraged.” – Bishop Douglas Crosby Another wonderful night at the 9th Annual Evening with Bishops Crosby. Thank you to Bishop Crosby for lending his name to the event each year, and for being so gracious with having photographs taken, meeting each table, and sharing his wisdom. Thank you to the Piper, Patricia Kirkwood, the Knights of Columbus Colour Guard, Father John Van Hees as MC, The Lumen Christi “Sound Machine” Band, and Principal Kathleen Moro for sharing her stories. Thank you to the Halton Catholic Community, […]

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School Trips for Oakville Kids Project

Published November 28, 2019

  Help support 50 Oakville HCDSB students with their fees for multi-day school trips.   Poverty remains a powerful factor in whether a student succeeds in school. Low-income students in Halton face financial barriers to learning. Opportunities for many of our youth are not equal, due these financial barriers. Education directly influences students’ life chances – and life outcomes. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed.   Consider supporting our School Trips for Oakville Kids Project in partnership with the Oakville Community Foundation. Friday November 29, 2019 donations to the project may be matched – that’s FANTASTIC! An opportunity to […]

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