Handwritten note from student

“The child is the clear beneficiary of this collaboration”

“This child was supported by the Foundation last year and the impact on her life (and that of her mother) has been literally life changing for them.   The funding was a concrete demonstration for the mother that we genuinely cared about the family’s wellbeing and has cemented a very trusting relationship between the mother and HCDSB.  The child is the clear beneficiary of this collaboration!”

HCDSB Social Worker

“You just heard about God, but here you will see him”

“When we first come to Canada suffering a lot back home. Everyone we met here told us that “you just heard about God, but here you will see him”. In the beginning I felt jealous as a Christian person, with a very strong faith, who used to live, study, work, serve God and also raise kids in very hard situations … so how can all of what I went through was just heard about him? After a while I realized the meaning of those words when I found the guardian angels, The Catholic Schools (HCDSB). Those people really embrace your family and overwhelm you with love. Supporting you with a lot of things like a studying device for your kid to stay on the right track, coats for the winter, Food, trips, uniforms and also trying to direct you what to do in your life. May our Lord bless them all. They are really amazing people. You will see and touch God in them starting from teachers, office staff, the great school manager and the amazing Foundation employees.

Words will never be enough to thank you.”

HCDSB Parent

“… you’ve helped in inspiring me to continue what I once almost stopped pursuing, my dream as an artist.”

“This is a letter of thanks for funding me in everything, I’m extremely appreciative because before this I wasn’t able to experience what I was, mainly because my dad works a landscaping job that doesn’t pay a lot and my mom has to pay the majority of bills and take care of our whole family, so I missed out on a lot of trips and experiences before, but now that I have the opportunity, I’m grateful for the chances, it’s inspired me to continue my dream of illustration and do what I love doing, because I’m not trapped in the region and I’m able to spend the time with my best friends which makes it so much better. In short, thank you to the person reading this, you’ve helped in inspiring me to continue what I once almost stopped pursuing, my dream as an artist.

Many Thanks,

Jacob N.”  (HCDSB Student)

“We do not have enough words to say thank you, for the huge help that you gave us during this time.”

“We would like to give you a huge thank you, you were helping us to go forward and without your help, the situation could be worse for our family.

A few months ago, our house got fire and we had a difficult time. This situation was not easy to manage with our daughters; even we couldn’t sleep well, even now. We were living in a hotel for around 4 months and we were thinking what to do to keep our daughters distracted to help them to go forward, but our budget was so tight. We had to pay our bills, mortgage, … , we had to stop the payments and activities of our daughters and I was not working because I got a fracture, and my husband was without work for weeks.

My daughters were emotional affected and we went to the school to find someone to help us with our daughters at the school. The school told to us to talk with the counselor Mrs. ****, and we are so grateful with her help. God always is doing amazing things in our life.

We received funds from Halton Catholic Children’ Foundation to help my daughters to continue their activities and it help them to keep distracted and go forward during this time.

We do not have enough words to say thank you, for the huge help that you gave us during this time.

Your organization makes lives better and may you continue your service for many years to come to help families.

Words cannot express our sincere appreciation to your organization and Mrs. **** for your assistance in providing us money to pay the activities for our daughters.

Your kindness and generosity will remain with us forever.

Thank you & God Bless You,

The ***** Family

“We will never find the words to truly express our thanks, but please know we will forever be grateful”

“Dear Halton Catholic Children’s Education Foundation,

I write to you on behalf of my family to thank you for everything you do to help families like ours. When we received the news of our daughter’s cancer diagnosis we were absolutely devastated. In the months to follow things became increasingly harder to deal with as our family was slowly being pulled apart. We went from living a simple happy life to trying to hop back and forth between children and hospital/home. I was unable to work, as care was required 24 hours a day. Our son developed severe anxiety, as he would be bouncing from family member to family member while we tried to navigate our new life. Financially things continued to worsen as we were trying to survive on half an income and still be able to support our family of 4. Everywhere we turned, it was costing us more money we did not have, and it came to a point we worried about affording the roof over our children’s head or food for their growing bodies.

With Christmas approaching at that time I couldn’t help but have a heavy heart as I thought of my children on Christmas morning waking up to nothing under the tree as we were struggling so hard financially.

The financial help we received from the foundation was far more than I could have ever hoped for. Not only were we going to be able to put food on our table, but we were going to be able to provide our children with a wonderful Christmas. My thanks will never be enough to show our gratitude for the gift you provided my family with. Time and time again, I learn how amazing and generous our community truly is. It was because of amazing donors, my family was able to enjoy the company of each other without stress or worry – for a short period of time the financial burden we felt had been lifted. We will never find the words to truly express our thanks, but please know we will forever be grateful.

I hope through donations the foundation will continue to play such an important part in the lives of other families.


Francis C.”