April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week.

We want to thank all of our amazing volunteers who help out with our Board of Directors, at events, on committees, in the community and from HCDSB schools.

Thank you for helping students with financial barriers to learning.

Here are a few of our outstanding volunteers on why they volunteer, and why it matters to help students in need.


“Everybody has a role to play within society and the community. I think it’s important to do whatever you can as an individual to help these students. Whether it’s small or big. Every little bit counts.”

Thank you Connor.


“I have seen families that live in poverty, which prevents students, from these particular families, from being able to access resources at school to reach their full God given potential. I believe that our students are our future, and an investment in our students now will make a huge impact on our community in years to come.”


As a HCCF Board member, “I enjoyed reading the scenarios of the applications that came in for people seeking help. It was nice to be able to help people who really needed it.”

“We are able to help them to make their experience in school a little more enjoyable, and to take the burden off the family. In the time of COVID, there are so many families now that are suffering or lost their jobs. It’s nice to be able to be of some comfort and assistance to those families.”


Why does it matter to help students in need?

“We recognize there are students that are in need … that there is a need… to support our students. There shouldn’t be any financial barriers to their success. That is one of my passions and I think it is a passion of many that support our charity that we are coming together to support the students in need so they can fully be able to experience their education….their educational journey.”

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